Yesterday myself and Roberto returned home from a little spontaneous trip to Spain. We went to the little town of Monforte de Lemos to visit Roberto’s family. I have to say, I felt a little guilty before we left. I felt like I hadn’t been working hard enough to warrant a tea break, let alone a four-day trip to Spain. However, the priority of the trip was based around visiting Roberto’s family which was lovely. We also spent time together exploring new beaches, towns and we even took a late-night trip to the hot springs. I enjoy the trips with Roberto to Spain because I learn more about his family and Spanish culture. A few observations I have made about family life in Spain is that it is very generous, warm-hearted, loyal, and selfless. When it comes to family there is nothing one relative wouldn’t do for the other. Although these traits are not absent in my own family, it does make me think about how I can always do more for those around me.

I look forward to returning to Spain later on in the summer, and I PROMISE myself I will work on my Spanish so I can actually communicate. I mean, after being with Roberto for nearly three years I would say it was about time I got my shit together.

Emily x



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