1. Chunky biker / Western boots are my favourite style of shoe to wear with anything and everything. The “Eastern State Ankle Boot ” from Free People are high impact, with leopard print down to the pointed toe and studded leather straps across the ankle. The amped up rock and roll inspired details make these boots a great accessory for plain or monochrome outfits.

  2. I am in great need of belts in my wardrobe. I usually “borrow” my sisters and that’s that. I do feel that it is time to get my own, as I am pretty sure a belt is a necessity in everyone’s wardrobe. This “Circle Buckle Stripe Belt” from Topshop caught my eye because of its Tommy Hilfiger vibes with the red and navy stripe and gold hardware. At £18 I can’t see any more excuses to be stealing my sister’s belts anytime soon.

  3. Another Topshop / Adidas piece I have my eye on is this pale blue “California T-Shirt” by Adidas originals. I am really inspired by the smart sporty look that I have seen from various editorials and bloggers. I like the idea of teaming a classic Adidas T-shirt with a pair of smart tapered trousers. I think it would be a great easy outfit to throw on if I’m unsure of how smart or casual I need to be that day. This T-Shirt can also be an everyday casual piece, so I think it would be a great basic and versatile top to have in my wardrobe.

  4. I have been googling this necklace by Loca Luna about 5 times a day for the past 2 weeks. I am sort of obsessed with anything that involves constellations, stars and moons. I saw this necklace on my fave blogger vanelliemellie on Instagram and I just swooned! This ” Moon Phase Necklace” has a lovely texture to the surface of the moons, giving it a rustic feel which is right up my street. As this is an Australian brand I am unsure of how I can get my hands on it, due to shipping costs etc, but hopefully one day it will be in my collection.

  5. Next up are these statement “ASOS CASTILE Pencil Straight Leg Jeans“. Not necessarily a huge trend at the moment, but my inner 14-year-old, Green Day obsessed self, is screaming at me to buy these. These boldly striped jeans just have a certain pizzazz that could really make an outfit stand out. These jeans would be great styled with plain t-shirts, but also if you just want to wear a loud outfit one day you could proper go for it with lace and studded accessories for an awesome grunge look.

  6. Last but not least we have this wrap style dress from Brandy Melville. As I am writing this I have just found out it is now out of stock. AHHHH! Hopefully, I can pick one up in store as I have previously tried this dress on and it was so flattering! If you are like me and more of a pear shape this dress is great as it just skims over the hips and doesn’t cling one bit. I like that it is a tie dress so you can adjust it to your liking. With my colouring, this navy and white floral pattern is very complementary. If I can’t hunt down this specific one I shall buy the black “Robbie Dress” as the cut is the same. At £24 you can’t really go wrong.